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The kitchen is the heart of a home. Since the beginning of time, the kitchen is a dedicated space or room for preparing and cooking meals. However, over the past few decades, the kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicentre of the home.

In olden days, kitchens were typically smaller and separated or even removed from the rest of the home. They were almost exclusively reserved for cooking that could be closed off to prevent the spread of smoke from the coal and firewood used for the stoves, and to conceal the mess.

Today, homeowners are paying as much attention to the look and feel of the kitchen to either seamlessly blend with the rest of the home or showcase its own signature style. After selecting the cabinets, tiles and kitchen countertop, the next item is usually the stove or hob as well as the cooker hood.

Apart from adding elegance and charm to the kitchen, cooker hoods are an essential tool in regards to the air quality in the room as they are designed to remove odours, irritants and greases expelled into the air, filtered out through a built-in fan that is either re-circulated or carried outside. If your home does not have a proper air flow, you could be exposed hazardous gas fumes such as carbon monoxide.

Being as one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers, Midea offering one of the most comprehensive collections of products. Among its premium series of cooker hoods is the Midea Angled Hood MCH-90B68AT.

This elegantly-designed cooker hood offers various unique features, such as:

Self-Cleaning Steam Wash

This is a perfect function for cleaning of the hood interior, maintaining the appliance for optimal performance and maximising product lifespan.

Gesture Control

Cooking can be a busy business. This feature is a convenient alternative to start or stop your hood when inconvenient to touch the screen.

1800m3/hr Strong Suction

This cooker hood offers excellent suction performance with powerful airflow to effectively remove odours, steam and grease.

Complete Smoke Removal

This cooker hood has a duct out operation mode, which can thoroughly expels cooking fumes outside the house to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

3-minute Super Extraction Power

This cooker hood has a 2-speed selection in additional of Turbo speed function that can provide maximum suction for 3 minutes – perfectly suitable for stir frying. It also includes an elongated oil cup that can be easily cleaned after usage.

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