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Column air conditioners – what you need to know about them

In which cases is it good to choose a column air conditioner?


Air conditioners are the most widespread heating and cooling systems. They exist in different variants so that you can choose the most suitable one for your needs.


One of the most popular air conditioners is column air conditioners. If you are still not sure if they are the right choice for you, read this article. Here we take a look at everything you need to know about them.


For what rooms are column air conditioners suitable?


Column air conditioners are a preferred and convenient option for air conditioning commercial establishments, sports halls, restaurants and offices . The only option where such a home air conditioning system is recommended is for large rooms. Similar rooms are, for example, open-type rooms, such as a living room with a kitchen in one.


Due to their high power, these air conditioners are suitable for large rooms over 30 sq.m. Therefore, there is no point in looking at the specifics of these air conditioners if you need air conditioning in a small apartment.


Column air conditioner – what is it?

This is an inverter air conditioner with good energy efficiency , both in heating and cooling mode. It has two bodies – internal and external, the internal being very mobile. It can be placed in any part of the room as long as there is enough space for it. Characteristic of the indoor unit is its oblong shape and its ability to distribute air flow well in large rooms. The external unit is very similar to that of other split systems .


Another characteristic of this air conditioner is the rapid reaching of the set temperature. Therefore, it is also very suitable for air conditioning in restaurants and commercial establishments.


How does a column air conditioner work?

As mentioned, this air conditioner is distinguished by the tall and long indoor unit. Unlike wall-mounted air conditioners, which are mounted on the wall, column units are placed on the floor. So they don’t take up space on your wall. However, it is good to be aware that column air conditioners take up space and height. Therefore, you should think carefully about where you will place them.


They work with a powerful air jet that cools or heats according to your requirements. When placing the air conditioner, keep in mind that the air stream should not be aimed directly at people or electrical appliances. This is especially true for establishments or offices where people are in a static position for a long time. The new models of column air conditioners have settings for redirecting the air stream, which is very convenient for users.


A column air conditioner draws air from the room and processes it (cools or warms it), then blows it back. Passing through the air conditioner, the air is purified from dust and other impurities. Thus, the occupants of the room can enjoy clean and fresh air.


Advantages of column air conditioners

We can summarize the advantages of column air conditioners like this:


● Beautiful and stylish design

Column air conditioners have an extremely elegant and stylish design, which makes them suitable even for luxurious interiors of offices, restaurants, commercial premises and others.


● Modern features for better comfort

Column air conditioners have many advanced features to protect the device in case of freon leakage, protection from blowing cold air when starting in heating mode, 24-hour timer and more.


● Powerful air conditioning system

The size of the column air conditioners is more than that of the wall models. They are also more powerful. This also means that they are efficient enough for air conditioning large rooms.


● An economical solution for large rooms

If you use these air conditioners according to their intended purpose, you will certainly enjoy economical and comfortable air conditioning at a high level.


● Easy maintenance

The removable indoor unit is very easy to clean and maintain.


● Easy installation

It is enough to determine the convenient place for you, where the air conditioner will be installed. It is efficient enough to heat or cool the entire room, wherever you place it. However, it is good that the area around the indoor and outdoor unit is free for free air flow.


Disadvantages of column air conditioners : The main disadvantages of this air conditioning system are not so many and are mainly related to what rooms they are suitable for:
● Initial investment : At first glance, it may seem to you that the investment is too big. However, if you consider the power of these air conditioners, you will understand that it is worth investing in them.
● They take up space on the floor and in height : These air conditioners are not that big, but you should still be aware that you will need enough space for them.
● Strong air jet : Because they are powerful systems, the air flow of column air conditioners is stronger than that of wall air conditioners, for example.
● Not suitable for small rooms : Because they are designed for large spaces, column air conditioners are rarely recommended for home use.
After reading this article, you probably know whether this type of air conditioner is right for you. If you need advice on which Midea air conditioner model to choose, contact us.


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