Midea BleezeleSS+ series 3D Inverter Wall Mounted Air Conditioner 1.0 ton

  • "BreezeleSS+" series for great Cooling & Heating
  • Full 3D Inverter-based AC (as low as 1.0 unit/night*)
  • Energy Saving iEco Mode, Saves upto 71% Electricity
  • GearShift technology for providing instant cooling
  • Long Distance WindBlast (25 Meters)
  • Low noise as quiet as Flower Blomming ( 20 dBA)
  • i-Clean technology washes away dust, mold, and grease that may cause odors
  • Voice Command function with smart WiFi control
  • in-built Voltage Stabilizer (99V-270V Voltage operation)
  • PrimeGuard Golden Fin
  • Energy Class: А+++ (5 Star)
  • SEER: 8.50 / SCOP: 4.20
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Model No.: MSFAAU-12HRFN8

With 3 Air outlets, this cooling performance exceeds like none other.

BleezeleSS+ series

The Midea true BreezeleSS+ offers a redefined air-conditioning experinece, to keep you away from all discomfort caused by harsh and direct wind, that bring you breezeless cooling for ultimatel comfort.
As little as 1 unit per night

Xtreme Save series

The Midea Xtreme Save series, control the air around you while also saving up to 71% of Energy consumption. The unit with Energy classification in Cooling mode A+++, stands our for its high energy efficiency thank to the noval α control algorithm and its high frequency inverter Quattro compressor that allow various functions focused on efficiency and energy saving such as iECO Mode or Night Mode or GearShift function..
Split-type AC - On/Off

Xtreme series

Wall split air conditioners consist of indoor and outdoor unit, equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options for cleaning the air, ease of operation, the compressor can be fixed power. The indoor unit is designed for installation on the wall of the room.

Easy Mobility, 3-in-1 Comfort

Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy room-to-room cooling with portable air conditioners that let you customize your temperature preferences wherever you are in the house.
Enjoy easy and convenient climate control in any space with dehumidifiers designed for maximum mobility.


The Midea EasyDry Dehumidifier helps protect your space from excess moisture in the air. Thanks to its 4-wheel design, you can easily move this dehumidifier to any room and enjoy automatic dehumidification and climate control at the push of a button.