SKYWORTH Wall Mounted 1.0 ton Air Conditioner

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  • WARRANTY         :     3 years on COMPRESSOR
  • INSTALLATION    :    Applicable

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Skyworth CONSTANT TYPE Air Conditioners DEFLIN Series……

This amazingly beautiful AC is Functional, practical and compact. The mono-split sailing is the right solution for those who want an air conditioner in class A++ energy which guarantees high standards in performance, in the face of a good quality-price ratio.

This Technology allows you to reach the desired temperature and keep it steady even when the external condition changes.

The air conditioners skyworth paying attention to the quality of the air thanks to the presence of Ben 5 levels of filters.

Skyworth is committed to offer the highest levels of quality air, in your home.

For this reason, along with high density filters, the Delfin series integrates a Cold Plasma ion generator in its standard version. This is an advanced device that uses high voltage to ionize the air molecules, eliminating completely odors and bacteria.

An effective solution for air purity is also the IFD Module (Intense Field Dielectric), that cleans the air from dust particles.


Cleaning reminder function.



I-Feel temperature monitoring technology, is a standard function of the Delfin series.

Instead of monitoring the temperature at the point of installation (usually high up on the wall), the indoor unite can monitor the temperature of the area where the remote control is placed, adjusting the air flow volume and temperature to provide absolute comfort.

Stepless Fan Speed

Skyworth introduces a global patent, the stepless indoor unit fan speeds, which is included in the standard version of the Delfin series.

With a unique control system, the unit has a DC Inverter fan that adjusts the fan speed in 99 different steps (from 1-100%), resulting the absolute speed control.

Efficient compressors

DC Inverter Compressors offer efficient cooling and heating capability, under the toughest temperature conditions.

The technology of the operation system and the quality of the electronic components, allows a very wide range of operation, both in cooling and in heating – compared to competition.

This way, the Delfin air conditioner series, ensures efficient heating even at the temperature of -7 ° C.

The Indoor Unit

Model Name : SMFH12B
Power Options, V/Hz/Ph : 220/50/1
Nominal Capacity, BTU ( kW)
Cooling Power : 12000 BTU (3.510 kW)
Heating Capacity : 12000 BTU (3.510 kW)
Power consumption, W
Cooling : 1090 Watts
Heating : 960 Watts
Operating Current, (A)
Heating : 4.85 Amp.
Cooling : 4.20 Amp.
Energy Efficiency Ratio
SEER (cooling mode) : 3.21
SCOP (heating mode) : 3.65
EER (сooling mode) : 3.21
COP (heating mode) : 3.60
Air flow rate, m3/h : 630 350
Noise level, dB : 38.00 26.00
Sound Power Level, dB(A) : 52.00
Dimensions(WxHxD), mm
Without Package : 821 x 285 x 205
Weight, kg
Net Weight : 9.00
Gross Weight : 10.50

The outdoor Unit

Model Name : SMFH12B
Compressors Type : On-Off HEATPUMP
Refrigeration Type : R410A
Freon Weight, kg : 0.68, kg
Power Options, V/Hz/Ph : 220/50/1
Noise level, dB : 58.00
Sound Power Level, dB(A) : 62.00
Diameter Pipes, mm
Liquid : 6.35
Gas : 12.70
Min length of main line, m : 3
Max length of main line, m : 20
Max vertical drop, m : 10
Dimensions(WxHxD), mm
Without Package : 729 x 431 x 318
Weight, kg
Net Weight : 27.00
Gross Weight : 29.00
Installation Charges

   Rs. 3500 per set (includes Copper Pipes upto 12 feet), Nrs. 1500 for Outdoor Angle.

Delivery time 1-3 working days 
Warranty36 months “Parts Replacement Warranty” from date of purchase.
Additional Fees  Delivery & other accessories may charge extra as per site condition.
ean  Additional Warranty can be provide upto 5 Years on Compressor subject to an annual service contract.  Registration with supplier may be required. Terms & Conditions apply please contact our representative.


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