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Everything You Need To Know About Tripping Of RCCBs

‘RCCB‘, an acronym for ‘Residual Current Circuit Breaker‘, is an absolutely essential human safety mechanism in your home. The device is designed to stop the flow of the current when a leakage is caused by earthing faults and faulty wirings. Thus, protecting you and your home from possible electrocution or electrical fires.

It is also important for us to consider that the modern power system deals with various electrical appliances. During a short circuit or any other type of electrical faults, home appliances and the power networks are put under a lot of pressure. They begin to experience a great amount of electrical discharge. This discharge is potent enough to damage the electrical equipment permanently, and is also a major risk to human life.

Among the various brands available in the market, Havells provides RCCBs comes in different sensitivity ratings ranging from 30mA to 300 mA. 30mA is the maximum value permissible for personal shock protection whereas 300mA is the maximum value permissible for fire protection. 300mA is fitted within an installation to reduce the risk of a fire arising from an electrical fault.

For timely disconnecting and reconnecting, a special type of switching device is required to safeguard both human lives and power networks. It is not only essential for supplying reliable quality power to your electrical systems, but also to ensure your safety from any possible mishaps due to electric volatility. Havells RCCB contains a core that continuously senses and compares the difference (residual current value) in current values between the live and neutral wires. Any small change in the current value on account of such an event would trigger the RCCB to trip off the circuit. It also contains a test button to check the proper functioning of an RCCB at any point of time. Havells RCCB ensures a complete disconnect from any incoming and outgoing current, hence making it suitable (to be used) as main switch.

Hence, an RCCB is an essential device which provides real time security towards human safety. The device ensures that the internal circuitry is safeguarded and immediately provides enhanced protection by tripping off the circuit in case of any leakage. Thus, keeping you and your family happy and safe.


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