EMI – Buy Now Pay Later

Why should you buy things on EMIs?

It is recommended to purchase products on EMI if you cannot afford to purchase them at one go. EMI allows paying on a monthly basis. Instead of paying the total sum at one go, you can break the same into smaller amounts and pay it monthly.  Using the Easy EMI service options, customers can purchase a wide range of products and services and payback in easy monthly installments. It is a good option to purchase any product because it increases your affordability and does not hamper your monthly budget. 
There are various products that are usually purchased in EMI, smartphones, home decor, and appliances including televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and others. Consumer durable, digital products, lifestyle products, clothes & accessories, and more can be purchased on easy EMIs. Applying for EMIs is a hassle-free process and a minimum amount of documents is required. There are some processes which should be taken while buying the product on EMIs and they are mentioned below. 

Frequently Asked Quetions

Yes. Credit card is necessary for EMI facility on credit card.

For now, both bank’s EMI credit card facility is available on 0% interest.

Customer can choose 6 , 12 or 18 month tenure while applying for EMI facility.

The minimum amount to apply for EMI is 15,000 NPR and customer can apply EMI up to total credit limit available in the Credit Card.

Yes. If the limit is still available on the card, you can continue using your card.

You can apply EMI up to total available limit on your credit card only. The bank shall finance up to the limit available on your card and for rest amount, you need to make payment to the merchant separately.

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