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Top Best Gas Geysers in Nepal

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Dear Readers, finally the cold chilling days are here. In this severe winter, touching cold water is like touching a pot full of thrones. Also, if you are looking for a gas geyser this winter, you are in the right place. Here, in this article, find the top best gas geysers in Nepal.

And, for people (like me) staying away from the waters is the best thing we like to do in winter. But, that’s not a cool idea, right? So, geysers are here as our saviors.

Types of Geysers:

Hilltake Gas Geyser

Hilltake Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal-based company. It manufactures different electrical, refrigeration, heaters, CPVC pipes, water tanks, and other similar products. Definitely, the gas geyser of Hilltake company is of high-quality and durability.

Hilltake Gas Geyser comes with the latest fire burning technology. Moreover, it also has an adjustable gas source. Also, it is one of the most chosen gas geysers in Nepal.

Baltra Gas Geyser

Baltra Home Products is an India based company that produces high-quality home electric appliances. Moreover, ranging from mixer, refrigerator, to heaters and air-conditioners, it produces every item for daily use. Baltra gas geyser of really good quality. Also, it is equipped with overheat safety protection to make it safe for use. Definitely, it is popular among Nepalese households for its high quality and affordability.

Best Gas Geysers in Nepal

Futura Gas Geyser

Futura is another brand, many Nepalese people choose when it comes to buying a gas geyser. Manufactured in India, Futura gas geysers are of high quality, reliable as well as affordable.

Futura gas geysers have digital temperature control and an overheating protection system. Moreover, it is one of the most popular gas geysers available in Nepal.

Jaquar Gas Geyser

Jaquar Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based conglomerate that produces high-quality, bathroom wares, sanitary wares, and electric appliances. Also, the company is best known for its hind wares.

The company produces faucets, showers, sanitary wares, steam solutions, and thermostatic mixtures. Moreover, Jaquar gas geysers are reliable, durable, as well as affordable.

CG Gas Geyser

Use a Gas Geyser or change to a Gas Water Geyser With CG Gas Geyser today! With the rising costs of electricity and conventional methods of heating, a gas geyser can save you money month on month.

Goenka Gas Geyser

Goenka Bath Essentials is an Indian company that leads in the bathroom and sanitary wares. Moreover, the company also produces high-quality bathroom accessories as well.

Goenka Gas Geysers come with an automatic ignition system. Also, it has a safety system for protection against dry burns. It is reliable as well as affordable gas geysers available in the market.

So this was the list of the top best gas geysers in Nepal.

Here are some Safety Precautions for Gas Geyser Usage

  • At last, before concluding, here are some safety measures you should follow for using gas geysers.
  • Also, do not install the gas geyser in a close and compact space.
  • Always keep spaces like ventilators for fresh air circulation in the room.
  • At last, do not keep the geyser running continuously. Keep time gaps between each use.


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See you next time! Till then stay warm and healthy.

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