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Which features is it worth to have in your air conditioner?

It’s time to choose an air conditioner and looking at the different brands of air conditioners, you probably wonder which features you really need. We will help you decide.

As winter approaches, we are increasingly considering how we will be heating our homes. The air conditioner is one of the most economical options, but which are the most economical air conditioners for heating? You may already have an air conditioner and have come to the conclusion that it is time to renew it. You need to decide which features the new air conditioner has to have in order to do the best job for you personally. To decide what you need and to help you choose an air conditioner, we will tell you about the recommended additional features that are worth having.

The new Xtreme technology by Midea brings extreme performance and a linear and refined design into your home. Available in 4 different versions (Cool, Heat, Save, Dura) in addition to the one specifically designed for the market, Xtreme is able to face even the most difficult challenges, thanks to the maximum simplicity of installation, total versatility and promise of guaranteed home comfort, in any environmental condition.

Dehumidifier mode

In order to be as optimal and useful as possible, you may want your air conditioner to have a dehumidifier mode. This gives it extra value all year round.

In some models, you should use a hose, which is often not provided and you should buy it separately. There are models that you can set in air conditioning mode by letting the hose drain the water out. You don't have to do this if you have a stand-alone dehumidifier.

Heating mode

If you have had an air conditioner that can only cool the air, it may be good to think about whether you want it to be able to heat it up as well and mark this feature as necessary.

When the air conditioner is used for heating in winter, it is especially important to read the manual. Find out how the air conditioner works. You can find details by looking for an air conditioning device section under the title and checking the lowest possible negative temperature at which you can use it. Some models have the function of raising the temperature of the room in which they are installed by circulating the air of the room itself.

Speed fan

The advantage of your air conditioner having a speed fan is that you can adjust the speed at which the room is conditioned and thus control the noise that is emitted. Three degrees of speed is the typical number that most models have. A large number of models have a function to change the speed of the fan, but it only circulates the air without cooling.

Remote control or control via smartphones

The remote control is important for your convenience. You can adjust the device remotely without even changing the remote. You can easily and conveniently control the air conditioner through your mobile phone, which is nowadays almost always with you.

Sleep or night mode

Through these functions, the compressor and the fan start gradually and so the noise emitted by the air conditioner is less. You do not have to worry about the temperature while you sleep, because through this feature it will be adjusted automatically.


If you select a model that has a 24-hour setup and clock option, you will be able to set the device to turn off after you fall asleep and turn on right before you come back home. So, when you get home it will be warm and the air conditioner will not have worked all day while you were gone, so you will save energy.

Automatic mode

This property of the air conditioner allows it to automatically switch to cooling mode or heating mode depending on the preset temperature.

Full power mode

This mode is preferred when you want to quickly heat or cool the room. Keep in mind that using this mode will increase electricity consumption and this will affect monthly bills.


Through this function, we can maintain the normal air conditioning process for as long as possible. In other words, in cooling mode, the cold collects in the refrigerant, and thanks to the defrost function, this part receives less stress.

During the operation of the air conditioning device in this mode, the machine automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode. The reason for this is that the temperature of the external heat exchanger must be thawed. This process lasts about 5-10 minutes and can be repeated, depending on weather conditions.

Filters and air purification

Recently, air filtration and purification have proved to be an increasingly sought-after mode. There are models that can purify the room from dust and various microorganisms. This work process also removes unpleasant odors from the room. The presence of these functions is important mainly for houses or apartments where there are animals, for retail outlets or workplaces, or for people with allergies.

V – RAM inverter system

V – RAM is a new technology that helps the inverter air conditioner work well. This system increases the efficiency of the compressor by about 4.5%. When measuring an air conditioner compressor, we will find that the noise level is lower. The power of the air conditioner increases, but the consumption of electricity decreases.

With this technology, the voltage increases to 380V, with the speed of the compressor increasing. Changes in power consumption also change the output power indicators.

Ionic deodorizing filter

The ion deodorizing filter releases negative ions of ceramic particles, which are components of the air conditioner. Negative ions neutralize odors in the air, including cigarette smoke. High voltage helps neutralize bacteria, viruses, fungi, and others.

The filter is used for about 3 years. After this period it is no longer effective, it loses its properties, and the energy efficiency of the air conditioning device decreases. After washing the filter, its properties are restored.

What else can we pay attention to in general when buying an air conditioning

How fast can you cool a room with 10 ° C

How easy it is to control the device;

How easy it is to install;

How comprehensive is the instruction manual;

How easily the filters can be removed and replaced;

How noisy it is;

How energy efficient is.

Buying an air conditioner takes an important spot in your family budget. Therefore, before proceeding to make a specific choice of air conditioner, it is recommended to obtain information about the main properties and features that air conditioners have and judge which ones you would like to have in yours. You can then compare different classes and models. You can call us at 9801030700 or 9801070875 or 01-4427012 for further technical assistance anytime.




The exclusive Quattro ™ Inverter technology ensures excellent performance in all conditions of use, making Midea's Inverter compressor one of the best AC compressors in the world. Our Quattro ™ Inverter not only wants to ensure speed and power by reaching the ideal temperature in a few moments but is also designed to guarantee tailor-made air conditioning, in the name of comfort and maximum well-being. So you can say goodbye to annoying temperature fluctuations, which can be adjusted extremely precisely by setting intervals of 0.5 ° C.

Not only that: despite the high performance and the wide operating range of the compressor, we can always guarantee you careful attention to your energy bill, thanks to an exceptional degree of efficiency designed to combat waste.



Midea outdoor units are characterized by an innovative diamond-cut shape, with no sharp edges and no visible screws. Their clean and elegant line has been designed to offer you not only the highest technology, but also a refined design. All without forgetting your comfort needs: the air expulsion grille, in fact, contains a newly designed fan designed to reduce noise to a minimum.


The unique Golden Fin anti-corrosion treatment protects your investment. Choosing Midea means, in fact, relying on a product designed to last over time, without the need for repeated and expensive maintenance interventions. Thanks to a particular coating, the heat exchanger is able to withstand even the most unfavorable environmental conditions: brackish air, frequent rain and other corrosive elements.


The technologies used in the outdoor units allow a wide operating range, which allows operation at certified performance up to outdoor temperatures of + 50 ° C in cooling mode. Our outdoor units have certified performance down to outdoor temperatures of -25 ° C, to guarantee the heating of your home even in the most severe environmental conditions.


Thanks to the self-cleaning function you can have a perfectly functioning air conditioner in a simple, quick and automatic way. At the end of the cooling operations, in fact, thanks to an opposite movement of the fan of the indoor unit, it is possible to remove the condensation water and, in so doing, prevent the proliferation of molds and bacteria.


Thanks to the possibility to select the speed of the internal fan in a linear way, choosing between 1% and 100%, instead of between 4 or 5 levels, you can reach an unparalleled level of comfort. This option, in fact, allows you to make your air conditioner deliver the most congenial air flow to your needs, without waste and in total relaxation.


The Energy Saving functions guarantee the minimum impact on your consumption. The Gear mode allows you to limit the maximum rotation speed of the compressor and the consequent output capacity, significantly improving the efficiency of the product. Thanks to the iECO function, on the other hand, it is possible to limit the compressor rotation frequency, to reduce the delivered capacity and significantly increase the specific efficiency of the product during use in cooling mode.


Voice commands, remote control wherever you are, thanks to GPS, and many functions that can be managed from the app: with Midea you can always have everything under control. Discover our solutions for intelligent, simple and intuitive air conditioning, designed to shorten distances.

AUTO DETECTION Wherever you are, you can control your air conditioner to turn it on or off according to your needs. Using GPS technology, your air conditioner recognizes when to turn on or off based on your distance from home, limiting energy waste.

VOICE CONTROL Controlling the comfort in your own home has never been easier. Thanks to the integration with the latest generation technologies Echo Voice Command by Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit you can "ask" your air conditioner the best for you and for your comfort.


BILL CONTROLL Check the consumption of your air conditioner at any time, even remotely, limiting it if necessary, for a maximum of 8 hours. All from your mobile device, in a simple and intuitive way.

CLEANING AND FILTER CHANGE ALERT Receive an automatic alert when the filters need to be cleaned. So the quality of the air you breathe will always be maximum and you can relax in all serenity.

SMART SLEEP Easily manage the right degree of coolness for each member of the family. The perfect rest, at the ideal temperature.

HUMIDITY CONTROL Control the humidity level of your home, customizing it according to your preferences. Thanks to the MideaAIR app you can set the percentage you prefer in each room.

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